About Us

KTR Associates, LLC is a manufacturer's representative agency who distributes and sells to lighting distributors and electrical supply houses in the NY and NJ marketplace. We have been in business for over 45 years and have a vast knowledge of the lighting industry and the products we sell. KTR has demonstrated through action, not just words, our commitment to our distributors through responsible distribution and NEVER putting short term gains before our long term commitments.

Our mission as an agency is to mutually grow our customer's, manufacturer's and KTR's businesses in a responsible, profitable, and sustainable manner: utilizing best practices in all aspects of business, always staying on top of the latest technologies, always looking to improve communications, always looking to enhance showroom renovations, always looking to enhance training methods.

We are vigilant and overwhelmingly supportive and loyal to our distributors and always come from that perspective each day we are faced with opportunities and challenges. Even though we are in a challenging economy right now, we are not wavering from our core values and our long term relationships with our customers for one-time opportunities.

We will always work with our customer base through these challenging times versus looking down the block from their showrooms for another opportunity. This is a unique quality in today's rep. Doing the right thing, standing firm in what you believe, and standing by your core values is how we go to work each day.

To our customers and manufacturers: thank you for your support and loyalty and we will always work to exceed your expectations through hard work, honesty and follow through. We do our best to never let you down and we value our relationships and also value a strong work ethic. We will not put one (our relationships / work ethic) before the other as we believe that for a relationship to work, hard work must be put in to assure a healthy relationship.

To prospects, leads and opportunities, we always explore with great detail your needs and will always work with you in a responsible and thoughtful manner without comprising our mission as a company. There is so much more than just selling an item or making "a sale", we are building a strong foundation for our manufacturers, customers and all the KTR Associates to help sustain our companies for the long term.

Looking forward to working with you for years to come!!!!


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